European Brand Warmth & Competence Study

European Brand Warmth & Competence Study

European Brand Warmth & Competence StudyTo further validate our proprietary research methodology, a limited-scope study was designed to assess 18 well-known brands and organizations in Western Europe.

Interviews with adults aged 18+ were conducted through an online research study from April 10-29, 2015 in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

In addition, interviews with another 1,003 adult members of an online panel in Spain were conducted from April 18-26, 2016

In total, 3,177 Western European adults are represented in this study and responses from each country were represented equally and weighted for age, gender and household income to match recent demographic census statistics.

Brands and organizations evaluated in this study include:

National Mail Service (by name in each country)
National Health Service (by name in each country)
Burger King

World Health Organization
City Subway System (London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam)
Domino’s Pizza

Banco Santander
Deutsche Bank
BNP Paribas

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