Our Story

Fidelum PartnersAt Fidelum Partners, we are specialists in applying human behavior research, insights and analytics to generate lasting customer loyalty and outstanding business results.  We also take pride in practicing what we preach and build lasting relationships with our clients.

Fidelum Partners was founded by Chris Malone in March 2010 and our expertise is reflected in the foundational insights and real-world case examples detailed in our award-winning book, The HUMAN Brand: How We Relate to People. Products and Companies.

In Latin, the word Fidelum means faithful. So literally translated, our name means “Faithful Partners” and refers to the loyal relationships we build with our clients, as well as the strong commitment we have to one another as colleagues. As it turns out, this name also has its roots in The Malone family crest. While researching his Irish ancestors in the mid-1990s, Chris learned that for hundreds of years the Malone family motto has been Fidelis ad Urnam, which means Faithful Until the Tomb. It was this sentiment and aspiration that compelled us to become Fidelum Partners.

By design, we are a firm that has fewer clients with whom we have broader relationships that typically involve multiple engagements each year. We are honored that they turn to us with their most difficult problems and challenges.  Whether it be the result of a difficult earnings call, to develop an ambitious new growth strategy or to navigate a thorny issue within their leadership team. We are honored to have worked with many clients across multiple roles and organizations during their career journey.

Perhaps we can help advance your personal, professional and organizational goals as well!