Tiffany Lane Update: March 4, 2018

We are thrilled to share photos of Tiffany’s new kitchen cabinets and counters, thanks to the generosity of Sterling Kitchens! While the refurbished appliances we acquired were not in our budget, we could not be more pleased with the difference they will make for the Lane family. In addition, we’ve installed new interior doors, trim and had volunteer painting completed this weekend. The most recent photos of our progress can be viewed here.


Unfortunately, this terrific progress has come at a steep cost, as our repair fund has been completely depleted about 10 yards from the goal line. In particular, we are in need of 700 sq ft of carpet, door knobs, closet shelves and the remaining electrical connections required for inspector approval and permission to occupy the repaired spaces.

As a result, further repairs have been put on hold until we can secure additional donations of materials or financial support to move ahead. Can you help us in any way to get this project across the finish line? We are so close and have come so far!