Tiffany Lane Update: January 31, 2018

While my previous updates have focused on repairs to Tiffany Lane’s home, I am pleased to share progress in another equally important area.

Thanks to the generosity and donated dental services of Dr. Casimir Wolanin and his oral surgeon brother, Dr. Fred Wolanin, Tiffany is now able to proudly share a healthy and confident smile!

This is an important first step in helping her find a better job that provides greater financial stability and allows her to support her family. Her resume and LinkedIn profile have been updated and she is preparing to seek executive assistant opportunities in the greater West Chester, PA area. Any feedback or suggestions on this effort would be welcome and much appreciated!

In addition, we continue to make progress on repairs to Tiffany’s home. All smoke remediation, flooring repairs and rough-in plumbing have been completed in the damaged side of the house. We hope to gain building inspector approval to install insulation and drywall soon. The most recent photos of our progress can be viewed here. We are also thrilled to report that Sterling Kitchen & Bath has agreed to donate new cabinets and counters for Tiffany’s kitchen. Hopefully, these will arrive in the next few weeks!

Of course, we continue to recruit volunteers and support to assist with kitchen cabinet installation, carpeting and finish painting.