Tiffany Lane Update:December 17, 2017

The is a photo of Tiffany Lane holding back tears shortly after building inspector Andy Kirk issued a temporary certificate of occupancy for her home on Friday afternoon. As a result, Tiffany and her three children moved back into the less damaged portion of their home today and will be sleeping under a roof of their own for the first time since January 2017!

While this is an important milestone that will allow Tiffany and her kids to enjoy Christmas at home after an 11 month ordeal, much work remains. They have been permitted to live in the house temporarily, sleeping in the living room, while the remaining repairs to the bedrooms and full bath are completed. These repairs have yet to begin.


In addition, a temporary shower has been set up in the laundry room to meet minimum occupancy standards. The latest photos of our progress can be reviewed here.

To date, we have raised over $19,000 in financial support from over sixty generous donors. A portion of this amount was also contributed by our Aramark Alumni Holiday Reunion fundraising event on December 13th. Photos from this holiday gathering can be viewed here.

However, about $6,000 more in financial support is needed to finish the remaining repairs, in concert with contractors who have volunteered to donate their services. We continue to work toward this goal and will keep you posted on our progress.

Many thanks for your continued support and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!