Speaking Testimonials

“Chris's work challenges the paradigm of companies focused on customer experience. It also stimulates us to think about the human emotions associated with brands. Most importantly it reminds us that the simplest human connections can really drive incredible equity in a brand.”

Dr. John Bamforth, Chief Marketing Officer, North America

“Chris Malone was one of the best speakers we’ve ever had. The warmth and competence stories and insights he shared with our leadership team resonated with us in so many ways and continue to be part of our conversations. The HUMAN Brand is a book that we now all have a copy of ---a practical and powerful approach to increasing and sustaining loyalty with customers and employees. Chris also practices what he preaches—he is a delight to work with! ”

Pina Sciarra, Vice President of Sales

“I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Chris Malone and his work and recently invited him to share his insights with Duane Morris. His extensive social psychology research, especially on perceptions of warmth and competence, brings fresh perspectives to age-old human instincts, all backed by hard science. As we develop and deepen relationships with clients on both a personal and institutional level, Chris’ inspirational and memorable message has immediate applicability and relevance to our team.”

Matthew A. Taylor, Vice Chairman

“Chris Malone delivered an impressive and inspiring talk at our International Congress on Customer Experience in Madrid. His compelling insights and stories strike an emotional chord in every culture and language. I recommend him enthusiastically as a speaker for international audiences.”

Jorge Martínez-Arroyo, Presidente

“Chris was a featured speaker at our 2016 global leadership meeting. He shared intriguing insights from his book, The HUMAN Brand, as well as key findings from the primary research he has conducted for our firm. Lasting relationships are at the center of our business and Chris brought that to life for us in new and compelling ways during his inspiring presentation.”

Becky Alseth, Chief Marketing Officer

“A consummate professional from start to finish, Chris gave a presentation that was not only intellectually stimulating and emotionally touching, but that was also specifically tailored for our audience. His delivery was flawless and he challenged our attendees to truly ‘think outside the box’ and contemplate what it means to be a HUMAN brand in a digital age, I would definitely recommend Chris as a keynote speaker for any organization.”

Sunsieray McCall, Vice President, Content and Experience

“Chris Malone is one of the most polished story tellers I’ve had a pleasure to listen to. Through his presentation, he shared several engaging stories that demonstrate how great brands act like real human beings. I really enjoyed his scientific rationale for our comfort in trusting the brands that are approachable and competent.”

Zlatan Fazlagic, President and CEO

“Chris was fabulous. His topic was spot on and his message delivery was quite engaging, his style was relaxed yet informative and his stories that connected his talk to real life events was so easy to grasp and absorb.”

Richard Hays, Program Director

“Chris Malone delivered an outstanding keynote address at our 2014 Content Management Strategies conference in Seattle. Attendees remarked that Chris’s message resonated well and throughout the conference, speakers referenced Chris’s ideas, adding to their own focus on developing a warm and competent face to their customers. We have urged our CIDM members, who represent major high-tech companies from around the world, to take Chris’s message to heart and communicate it to their senior management. “

JoAnn T. Hackos, President

“Chris Malone is a captivating speaker. His presentation, How (and Why) Your Brand Must Become Human, was the highlight of our inaugural event. In less than an hour, Chris had brought his book to life in real, practical ways, and impressed a discerning audience of 200 of North America’s senior marketers and brand leaders with his message. Feedback has been phenomenal and overwhelmingly positive. We’re just not sure how we’re going to top Chris’ presentation at next year’s event after he's set the bar so high!"

Rob Howard, Sr. Strategist & Co-Founder

“Chris Malone’s presentation was the hit of our annual conference. And I'm not just saying that, we surveyed our attendees and the vast majority selected his keynote as the best. We enjoyed learning about The HUMAN Brand and felt the content was applicable to small businesses and large corporations alike. His presentation was excellent and had the audience deeply engaged.”

Eric Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer

“Chris’ presentation was much more than a typical branding discussion. It challenged a room full of professional marketers to think differently about the brands they manage and provided insights on how to earn and keep their customers’ loyalty. We would definitely invite Chris back to speak again.”

Julia Kanouse, Vice President, Strategic Marketing

“As the keynote speaker for our annual Enrollment & Marketing Retreat, Chris Malone enlightened and inspired us with Warmth & Competence insights and how they are critical to our future success. Many positive comments were shared about his presentation and numerous staff members requested copies of the slides. As a result, the bonding among staff members during our Retreat was even greater than expected and we came away with a renewed feeling of pride, appreciation and energy.”

Rob Durkle, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management

“Chris Malone’s breakthrough customer loyalty insights talk was energizing and engaging for our Global CMO Council. I’ve seen Chris speak on many occasions, ranging from large audiences to small groups, and he is always thought-provoking, enlightening and entertaining. I would recommend him highly as a keynote speaker or guest lecturer.”

Carolina Lobo, Vice President of Brand & Communications