Internship Opportunities

In an effort to support aspiring marketing and marketing research professionals, Fidelum Partners has maintained a student internship program for the past several years.  Candidates for this internship should have a demonstrated interest in marketing, marketing research or consulting, as well as have completed at least two years of college level education.  Participants in this program are compensated on an hourly basis and may work from our office in Wayne, PA or remotely.

Interested candidates should submit a resume along with a short statement of why they are interested in this program using the contact form below.

Previous Intern Comments

Samuel Stafford (2018): “My internship at Fidelum Partners was an extremely rewarding experience, especially as an introduction to the professional workplace. Throughout the entirety of my internship I was given close guidance and a supportive mentorship, which was invaluable. The skills and experience gained from my time at Fidelum has most definitely given me an edge over my peers and prepared me to excel in my career.”

Charles Malone (2016): “My internship with Fidelum Partners gave me valuable insight on what a career in marketing research would be like. In addition to giving me a competitive advantage over my peers, my time at Fidelum provided me with real-world work experience and skills that will stay with me for the rest of my professional career.”

Kenyn Cheatham (2015-16): “My internship experience with Fidelum Partners has exposed me to multiple facets of the marketing world. Being able to see the work that goes into each project and into building a relationship with each client has been a valuable experience. I have especially appreciated seeing what it takes to build and retain customer loyalty in today’s technology-driven culture. After interning with Fidelum, I feel that I am more prepared for the career that is ahead of me.”

Matthew Goetze (2014-15): “This is the perfect internship for someone who is seeking hands on experience in marketing research. Working with a variety of clients and projects keeps work fun and interesting.   You get to dive in on projects and learn the ins and outs of the business. I learned extremely valuable skills that will follow me throughout my entire career. By far the most valuable internship work experience I have ever had.”

Alejandro Osio (2014): “Working as a paid intern at Fidelum Partners not only gave me an advantage over my peers in my second marketing internship, but solidified my understanding of customer loyalty and what it takes to create and maintain it.”

Erica Slater (2011-2012): “My experience at Fidelum Partners was a key driver for me pursuing a career insights and market research. Unlike other internships, I had 1:1 mentorship, guidance and training across the key pillars of market research. Highly recommend for any pre-grad who is looking to get tangible hands on experience across the foundations of research and learn its importance in driving key business decisions.”

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