Amy Anderson

Lead Researcher

Amy is a Lead Researcher & Statistician based in Phoenix, AZ.  Amy is an accomplished strategist and analyst, with over 10 years experience as a professional market researcher.

Amy has led research projects in healthcare, footwear, jewelry, alcohol, toys, financial services, real estate, furniture, and more. Amy has worked with 40+ individual brands, completing attitude and usage, as well as brand perception and satisfaction studies to assess brand strengths and opportunities, while ensuring the customer is top-of-mind in business and brand decisions.

Previously, Amy led consumer and media analysis projects for Nielsen Scarborough, a global consumer research firm. Categories served included: malls, sports teams, ad agencies, insurance providers, and beverage companies.

Earlier in her career, Amy was research manager at Republic Media – part of Gannett, a media corporation owning more than 100 U.S. print and digital media companies. As research manager, her team provided audience and business research to support company strategic goals to increase advertising revenue and deepen reader engagement. In this role, she managed more than 200 primary research projects ranging from focus groups to online surveys and telephone studies. Amy spent 13 years in total with Gannett, during which time she advanced rapidly through local advertising and marketing departments. She conducted extensive research on the usability of print and web products, and also managed large-scale market and readership studies.

Amy is certified as a professional researcher through the Insights Association and earned a certificate in principles of market research from University of Georgia. She also holds a graduate certificate in geographical information science and technology (GIST) from University of Southern California, and has a B.A. in rhetoric from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.